One of the latest innovations in technology for health and wellness is the Harmonic Egg!  It’s like a Syfy fantasy brought to life!  This egg-shaped wooden chamber uses light, color, and sound frequencies to activate the individuals own healing system to rejuvenate and balance itself.  You could break it down to sophisticated sound and light therapy! 

Although the egg focuses on using light and sound, sacred geometry is a huge factor as well!  Because it covers 360 degrees of healing space, one gets fully immersed.  The outer shell has a dodecahedron shape, the interior is smooth, and the base under the chair is a hexagonal shape.  Looking to mother earth, one can find the dodecahedron shape within pomegranates and garnet crystals.  The hexagon is popular in nature too, especially within beehives.  Depending on the individual’s needs, the egg can easily adapt with its sound and light being customizable.  This beautifully constructed pod of wonder has proven to help many people so far mentally, emotionally, and physically! 

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The CDC (centers for disease control) has reported an increase over the last 10 years in depression and especially in anxiety.  Between 2011-2012 this spiked within young adults by 8.4%.  It was measured in 2019 that 11% of adults over the age of 18 had anxiety and depressive symptoms.  Although these conditions can be treated with pharmaceutical drugs, many modern health physicians are saying that the long-term solution lies within frequency therapy; like light and sound waves.  Let us be honest too, popping pills usually comes with a multitude of negative side effects.  Even Albert Einstein predicted and said, “future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.”

Let us not forget the human body is made up of photons, or particles of light, as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Greg Braden, and many other professionals have pointed out.  What is one of the key frequencies the Harmonic Egg works with?  Light!  Dr. Pillai gives us a beautiful reminder that “light equals life.  When we bring more light into the body, then we have a greater life force.” 

Creator of the Harmonic Egg, Gail Lynn, was inspired to pursue natural and noninvasive therapy when she faced ailments of her own.  With an engineering background, study of bio resonant frequencies, and even taking inspiration from Nikola Tesla’s theories she sought to complete her vision.  She officially received her patent for her invention in the year 2020. 

Testimonials from the boast of repeated sessions in the egg giving relief to anxiety, hormone imbalances, autoimmune issues, inflammation, stress, depression, and more!  Your furry friend could even benefit as many pets have responded positively!  It is noteworthy though that most centers consider pet allergies, so it’s best to check in before bringing the fur baby. 

I believe the Harmonic Egg is an example of a fortunate leap being made in this new Aquarius Age.  After all, one of the predictions associated with this age has been advanced medical technology.  It may take some convincing with your stereotypical southern grandma who thinks such things are “woo woo nonsense,” but don’t knock it until you try it as its said!  Cheers to a happy evolution in energy healing!

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